Many Hungarian folk tales start with the youngest son of the poor man going off to see the world with only a bag of Pogácsa baked in ashes. This type of bread also eaten in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey and Austria with variations. A more flat bread with the same origin is called focaccia in Italy, fougasse in France, and bogaza in Spain. The origins of the word go back to ancient Rome, where focaccia was baked on fire.

The rich yeast-raised breads are an essential element of the Easter meal in many European countries. These butter egg breads called Babka, Tsoureki, Strucia, Striezel, Osterzopf, Kalács. It is made in different shapes besides the braided loaf like cross, wreath or formed as lamb, rabbit, chicken. Sometimes decorated with icing, nuts or fruits. These breads represent a continuity of Christian and Jewish traditions, although some derive their forms from pagan symbols dating from pre-Christian times.

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